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CPRE West Midlands identifies the 13 threats to Green Belt in the region.   


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Thursday, 21 May 2015 13:08

The Green Belt on its 60th birthday

Building on the foundations of our 2007 report What Price West Midlands Green Belts?, this 2015 report published to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Green Belt assesses the extent to which the West Midlands metropolitan Green Belt remains relevant to achieving sustainability and protecting the countryside from sprawl.  


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Saturday, 02 June 2007 11:12

What price West Midlands Green Belts?

A report on Green Belts specific to the West Midlands: covering history, maps, policy, successes and failures, and suggestions for the future.  


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12 May 2015 

Countryside campaigners warn of threats across the West Midlands to protected Green Belt.

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11 May 2015 

Countryside campaigners say Birmingham can accommodate more housing without losing precious countryside.

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2 June 2009

An onslaught on Green Belt could be unleashed if government housing figures are adopted.

That’s what CPRE West Midlands will warn the public examination into the new Regional Planning Blueprint which today and tomorrow discusses plans for development in Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country.

Developers at the examination, which is being held in Wolverhampton, have already made clear that they are hoping to use the government’s high housing projections to force local authorities to release urban extensions into Green Belt land

They will attempt to secure new Green Belt housing estates in areas such as Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, the borders of South Staffordshire and the fragile Meriden Gap. They well also be pushing for new industrial development and extensions to business parks such as Blythe Valley and Birmingham business park.

Even before this examination Birmingham council has been forced to publish options for housing in Green Belt in case the government’s highest figures are adopted.

CPRE warn that, if such proposals go ahead, they will lead to city sprawl, congestion on motorways and local roads and significant loss of protected countryside.

They are also warning that unattainable housing numbers could lead to significant degradation of people’s local open space within the urban area, as well as the loss of gardens and trees in mature suburbs.



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1 May 2011 (Event date)
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CPRE West Midlands reports on the current 13 threats facing the region's green belt.  

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