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Thirteen unlucky number for the West Midlands Green Belt

13 Threats to West Midlands Green Belt 13 Threats to West Midlands Green Belt

12 May 2015 

Countryside campaigners warn of threats across the West Midlands to protected Green Belt.

In a new report ‘West Midlands Green Belt under threat’ the Campaign to Protect Rural England has identified thirteen immediate threats to the Green Belt.

At the top of the list are proposals for tens of thousands of new houses built in the countryside instead of the conurbation, a massive swathe cut through by High Speed Rail and two massive industrial complexes.

But other proposals include a motorway service area, a hotel and leisure complex and solar farms.

Steve Anderson, regional chair of CPRE West Midlands said: ‘The government has talked tough on the Green Belt but our analysis suggests the level of protection is lower than most people expect. Yes, we have seen some proposals turned down but many more are coming through the system.’

‘We don’t believe you need to wreck the countryside people most enjoy to create new homes and businesses. What we need is to see the West Midlands conurbation enjoying renewal and regeneration all the way from Coventry to Wolverhampton.’

‘And we want local and national politicians to prioritise that over building on Green Belt.’

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