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Transport policy

Cyclists, Pedestrians, Buses outside Birmingham Moor Street Train Station Cyclists, Pedestrians, Buses outside Birmingham Moor Street Train Station Photo: © Birmingham News Room/Flickr

Transport policy must deliver sustainable transport and protect the environment. Transport bodies in the West Midlands conurbation need to work together to deliver sustainable transport outcomes.

The growth in travel by car in the region is threatening both our local environment and wider problems such as climate change. As traffic increases in rural areas this leads to loss of tranquillity and character and increasingly dangerous roads.

Our viewCPRE West Midlands is actively campaigning for safer roads, but we have also fought a number of roads proposals in the region.  Most notably we defeated plans for a Western Orbital and we have resisted plans to widen the M6 in Staffordshire but also smaller schemes, such as the Shrewsbury north west relief road.

We are seeking to promote improvements to public transport, including campaigning for better rail services and local transport.

We also accept demand for travel needs to be managed. One way is through congestion charging, but if this is to happen the danger of displacing homes, jobs and traffic into rural areas will have to be fully considered. We also believe other options, such as parking controls and individual travel plans, should be further considered.

We are particularly concerned about the continuing growth of air travel in the region which threatens both the tranquillity of the countryside and the wider global environment because of emissions of greenhouse gasses.

We have opposed proposals for a second runway at Birmingham airport and for the expansion of Coventry airport and we are campaigning more widely against unrestricted growth in aviation.

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