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Aerial View of Coventry Airport Aerial View of Coventry Airport Photo: © Ian Halsey/Flickr

Aviation growth has major impacts on the areas around expanding airports, including noise impacts, light pollution and loss of tranquillity. Aviation fuels traffic growth on many major roads. New industrial estates, warehousing, offices, housing, shops and other services which cluster around airports further eat into the countryside.

Birmingham Airport from Marston Green Birmingham Airport from Marston Green Photo: © Pete Ashton/Flickr

Aviation is a major contributor to climate change and is growing rapidly. According to the government, aviation accounts for 13% of climate change damage. Although it has set a target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050, its aviation white paper of 2003 supported more than doubling the number of air passengers by 2030. While other sectors are reducing their contributions to climate change, damage from aviation is increasing massively.

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