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Quarrying and mining

Gravel pit, Dunstall, Staffordshire Gravel pit, Dunstall, Staffordshire Photo: © Jonathan Billinger

The impact of extracting and transporting minerals on the region is significant.

Mineral extraction impacts on all parts of the region. But sand and gravel is predominantly mined in Staffordshire, which currently supplies 65% of the region’s demand.

Our view

West Midlands CPRE believes everything should be done to:

  • reuse minerals wherever possible
  • reduce the amount minerals are transported
  • transport as many minerals as possible by rail rather than road
  • protect sensitive landscapes from the impact of mineral extraction
  • ensure the highest possible level of landscaping after mineral extraction.

CPRE is sympathetic to the need to extract minerals closer to where they are used. However, we are concerned that the work has not fully explored:

  • depth of alternative supplies
  • environmental and landscape impacts
  • local transport impacts
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