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Local Group Name - Campaign to Protect Rural England

Litter and fly-tipping

Litter in Highbury Park Litter in Highbury Park Photo: © Flickr

Litter is not, in our view, a problem that should be swept under the carpet.

Litter and fly-tipping have been major problems across the region for many years.
As well as making people’s lives a misery and blighting the landscape and the environment, even in some of our most picturesque areas, litter and fly-tipping undermine the image of the region, putting off potential investors and visitors.

Litter and fly-tipping can also be very costly to local communities and councils.

Our viewCPRE in the West Midlands lobbies local councils and decision makers to ‘Stop the Drop,’ a campaign aimed at raising awareness among the public, encouraging councils to be tougher on those responsible for litter, and raising the issue among politicians more widely.

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