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Climate change and energy

Zero Carbon House, Birmingham Zero Carbon House, Birmingham Photo: © Martine Hamilton Knight

Energy consumption is a major issue which fuels climate change as a result of the carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels.

We are concerned about the potential impact of large scale wind turbines on the landscape and that insufficient weight is being given, locally, regionally or nationally, to their visual impact.

Biofuel production should not lead to monocropping or to loss of land needed to grow food. Some biocrops can also threaten hedgerows and other wildlife habitats if inappropriately planted.

The transport sector is not playing its part in reducing emissions, whether from aviation or surface transport.

Our viewWe believe it is critical that the emphasis is on energy conservation, both by householders and businesses, if we are to reduce the amount of harmful emissions of gasses leading to climate change.

We also believe we need to increase our energy production from renewable sources, but in general we favour local solutions which have less impact on the countryside and where there is less energy loss in distribution.

CPRE West Midlands are campaigning alongside other organisations concerned about areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONBs) and national parks for undergrounding of new and existing power lines.

We favour much stronger demand management of traffic and control of airport expansion, for example at Birmingham airport.

In April 2012, CPRE published Generating Light on Landscape Issues which argues that a locally accountable, strategically planned approach which takes account of landscape capacity and steers wind development to the right places, will enable us to promote renewable energy, including some onshore wind, while protecting cherished countryside using local examples.

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